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6pcs in a set Storage Bag for Make Up Brushes

6pcs in a set Storage Bag for Make Up Brushes

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  • Help keeps your makeup brushes in good condition.
  • Keeps your brushes in perfect shape and clean, which extends life of your tools
  • and protects your skin from breakouts.
  • Want to take your best Make-up brushes on holiday in your handbag, just slide on a brush guard and pop it in your make-up bag.

6 SIZES: from large to small
1) the biggest: Top Width: 4.6cm/  Bottom Width: 3.5 / Length: 10.3cm
2) the bigger: Top Width: 4.3cm/ Bottom Width: 3.2cm/ Length: 8.7cm
3) the big: Top Width: 3.6cm/ Bottom Width: 2.6cm/ Length: 9cm
4) the small:Top Width: 2.2cm/ Bottom Width: 2cm/ Length: 7.2cm
5) the smaller : Top Width: 2cm/ Bottom Width: 1.8cm/ Length: 7.2cm
6) the smallest : Width: 1.1cm/ Length: 6.4cm

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