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Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 100ml

Cosrx Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence 100ml

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Contains 96% snail secretion filtrate that adds intense moisture to hydrate skin while helping to repair damaged skin, reduce redness, and improve skin texture and pigmentation. Its moisturizing and healing properties also make it great to use in combination with retinol or Vitamin C serums. Other key ingredients include sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, panthenol and arginine, which provide additional hydrating and elasticity-enhancing effects. Suitable for various skin types.


  • Intensely hydrates skin and relieves skin dryness while restoring vitality to skin.
  • Rich in moisture, nutrients and vitamins, snail secretion filtrate is a great moisturizer and helps to repair damaged skin, improve skin texture and reduce hyperpigmentation and fine lines.
  • Infused with sodium hyaluronate, allantoin, panthenol and arginine to hydrate and soothe skin and to boost skin elasticity.
  • Targets various skin concerns and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
  • Made free of harmful chemicals such as parabens, ethanol, synthetic fragrances, synthetic surfactants and artificial colorants.

How to Use:

  • Take an appropriate amount and spread onto face. Tap with fingertips to enhance absorption.
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